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Who Are Vietnamese Mail Order Brides And How To Date Women From Vietnam?

Finding a loyal and charming partner for life is often a challenge. But before giving up on the dream of being happy and loved, you should grasp a chance of getting to know women on online dating services. Vietnamese brides, in particular, have the unique traits that make them perfect wives and mothers.

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Before marrying a Vietnamese woman, discover some unique tips about dating them. You’ve probably heard that the girls from Asia are not like the women you meet in the US on a daily basis. That’s true — Eastern culture differs from the Western, so sometimes you might find troubles in communicating with brides. But basically, it’s not that hard. Vietnamese women dating culture is similar to the dating culture in other Asian countries. These women love it when a man acts like a gentleman, does romantic things, and shows respect to both the ladies themselves and their families, culture, etc.

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Let’s look in details what is marrying a Vietnamese woman like, how much do Vietnamese mail-order brides cost and where to find them. We uncover all the specific aspects that might interest you and offer an insight to the fascinating and modern world of Vietnamese mail-order brides. We’ll tell you some most useful tips you need to know to have a successful date with a girl from Vietnam — to gain success in dating, try following these simple rules.

Who are Vietnamese mail-order brides?

Mail-order brides seek marriage with a foreigner. They organize a portfolio with personal images and detailed bio and publish it on the mail-order brides websites. When a man registers there, he gets to choose various girls from a catalog. Then he contacts one and starts chatting.

Eventually, the couple may get married in the country of a foreign man. Girls have various reasons to become mail-order brides. Some seek happiness elsewhere. Some are eager to escape financial challenges in their home countries, some are just disappointed in previous relationships and want to find a man who would be into the lady, her personality, skills and traits.

Finding love in Asia is hard and time-consuming… But not when you use the right dating sites. Take a look at our top list of the best Vietnamese dating sites, check out the main features of these sites, read the reviews, and take the first step to finding true love!

Why choosing Vietnam brides?

Vietnamese brides are one of the most amazing among all asian brides. Their hot natural looks combined with perfect personalities make them ideal wives. A lot of men are drawn to Vietnam girls due to their femininity and tenderness. You want to hug them and protect – that’s what makes a man feel masculine as well. Discover these top qualities of Vietnamese brides that make them excellent partners.

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Vietnam brides are sexy

You can’t ignore the fact that Vietnamese brides have an astonishing genuine natural beauty. They don’t have to wear lots of makeup, dress up fancy or do some procedures at home to hide their age. They are stunning from birth.

Most Vietnamese brides have slim figures, long dark hair, smooth bronze skin, and glowing dark eyes. If you are lucky enough to get a Vietnamese lady to date you, be sure that she will look astonishing both in the mornings and evenings.

They are elegant

Vietnamese mail-order brides are graceful and fashionable. They will be a stunning companion for any of your occasions. You can easily invite her to a different society and be sure that she will stay proud and confident with impeccable manners.

Also, Vietnam ladies know a lot about fashion. They always look stylish and modern, are versed in trends and enjoy taking care of the looks. Therefore they know what suit them and how to stay young and beautiful.

They are well-educated

A Vietnam mail-order wife can contribute to absolutely different topics, offer her opinions, but she will never force others to change their views on something. Vietnamese brides treat others with respect and dignity. Being polite, they would never argue on public or kick up a row.


Vietnam brides will always know how to make up your mood. Their bright shiny smile will vanish all the troubles away. So with a girl like this next to you, there will always be positive energy, and you will feel uplifted and capable of everything.

Where do they get the positive attitude towards life? Perhaps, it is given them from birth. They say Vietnam is a true paradise. No wonder that it fulfills girls with so much optimism and love for life.


Being loyal is, probably, the core value that Vietnamese wives share. For them, the family is the major focus in life. To maintain happy family loyalty is the must.

Vietnamese brides at no time has of thought to betray you or do something behind your back. They know the price of love and marriage, and will not trade it for anything in the world. If you are lucky to fall in love with a Vietnam lady, you are going to be on cloud nine with her.

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Top reasons to get a Vietnam girl for marriage

So far we figured out the major pros in Vietnam brides characters. Yet, what are the other reasons of marrying her? Who should fight for the heart of a Vietnam bride and why?

Family is the top priority

A Vietnamese lady is the best choice for a self-confident mature man, who is ready to settle down and dreams of starting a family with a devoted partner. Girls are brought up from an early age with a dream and a mission to have a full and happy family.

These feminine tender girls become amazing mothers and thoughtful wives, for whom marriage is not a joke, but a real step towards mutual happiness and realization.

So Vietnam becomes the right destination and a paradise spot for meeting a responsible and tender bride, who is ready to have a child. Here girls take marriage and family extremely seriously, and they have no intentions to mess with your feelings.

Respect personal space

If you are an introverted person, who values personal space and wants to keep some things to himself, Vietnamese bride will totally understand it and respect. She doesn’t intervene in your work issues, but always has an opinion to share if you want some advice.

Therefore, Vietnam women become great wives for businesspeople, for example. They will take care of home and you, while you are dealing with the things you need.


What makes Vietnam brides good wives is that they easily adjust to changes and other cultures. She might have a language barrier at first, but she will put a lot of effort to learn English and the culture of her husband.

However, they expect the same attitude from you in turn. She can do household chores, bring up kids and be a loyal wife, but she won’t allow you to mistreat her.

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Dating a Vietnamese girl is not like dating a woman from the United States of the UK. Continue reading to find out how to have a successful first date with an extremely beautiful Vietnamese girl!

  • Go online. Day game can work in some Asian countries, especially in the East Asian region (Korea, Japan, etc). However, Vietnamese girls are not as used to foreigners approaching them on the streets as their Japanese and Korean counterparts. When it comes to online dating, they are much more open-minded and less reserved, so we highly recommend you try to meet them online if you are going to date a Vietnamese girl. It’s not just your chances that are higher, it’s also faster, cheaper, and more convenient than offline dating. Lucky you, there’s no need to find the right dating platforms — the best Vietnamese dating sites are already available here on this page.
  • Always be honest and never play games when dating a Vietnamese girl. The point is, playing games and hiding something may work well in some other countries, even in Asian ones (think Japan and Korea one more time). In Vietnam, it doesn’t work like this — these girls are very straightforward and they think that men must be direct and honest, too.
  • Remember that it’s always you who makes the first move (and the second move, as well as all the further steps). Vietnamese girls are traditional and submissive, so they believe that a man must lead the relationship and plan all the dates. What’s even more important, they feel really uncomfortable if they have to make the first step, and that’s surely not what you want.
  • Forget about alcohol on the first date. First of all, these women just don’t like alcohol (less than 20% of Vietnamese women drink alcohol). Secondly, they don’t think that first date drinking is socially acceptable. The same is about going out for dinner: your very first date with a Vietnamese woman must be casual. That’s how you’ll make her feel comfortable, and that’s extremely important.
  • No PDA, please! Public display of affection is not allowed in this culture, so it’s not recommended to hug or kiss your Vietnamese girl in a restaurant or in the street (especially if it’s your very first date). PDA is not as tabooed now as it was several decades ago, but there is still a lot of work to be done in Vietnam regarding physical intimacy in the view of other people.
  • Sex on the first date is taboo. Well, that’s obvious — if you can’t even hold hands or hug a woman on the first date in a certain country, it wouldn’t be wise to expect first date sex with a woman from this country.
  • You’ll have to meet her family sooner than you are probably used to with American girls. Vietnam is still a traditional and conservative country so it’s extremely important for Vietnamese girls that their families get along with their partners. You will have to do your best to make a good first impression when meeting her parents — the older generation in Vietnam often handles Americans with prejudice. Well, you know, they have a good reason for that. Neither young Vietnamese girls nor their parents do actually hate Americans, but there is still a certain bit of prejudice.


To sum up, Vietnam mail-order brides are just fantastic. Their charming personalities combined with astonishing looks will amaze you. They know how to create a peaceful and lovely atmosphere at home as well as how to behave with husband and bring up kids. They are the perfect choice for those looking for creating a family. Moreover, Vietnamese women are loyal and committed. They make great wives and mothers, they love dating men from the United States, and they have no problems with moving to the US if it’s needed. They are extremely beautiful, intelligent, traditional, and open-minded — and we are sure that you’re making a great choice if you’re thinking of dating a Vietnamese girl.

Mail-order bride websites are the ideal place to find true love. There are various options that will suit even the pickiest chooser. If you are lucky enough to get a Vietnam bride, you will never know loneliness again. So stop waiting for the right moment to come and just register on one of the mail-order bride websites. Choose the sites from the top list above, read the reviews, sign up, and start chatting with the best young women from Vietnam — it has never been easier than now! Your destiny is waiting for you.


Still have questions? Continue reading then — all the most common questions related to Vietnamese women are already answered here!

How do you woo a Vietnamese woman?

It sounds obvious, but be the best version of yourself. Be supportive and act like a gentleman, buy her small gifts and bring her flowers, respect her and make her feel comfortable, don’t be aggressive or pushy — and don’t forget that it’s always you who should lead the relationship in Vietnam.

How to attract a Vietnamese Woman?

Look your best and don’t dress like a tourist — Vietnamese women are tired of foreigners who try to approach them, so you need to stand out from the crowd. Buying a bouquet will also work great, as well as opening doors and pulling out the chair for her.

Why you should date a Vietnamese woman?

Vietnamese girls are beautiful and intelligent, they are open-minded and very feminine. Women from this country also make great long-term partners because of their traditional and (a bit) conservative values.

How do you know if a Vietnamese girl likes you?

First of all, she will most likely tell you that — Vietnamese women are straightforward and quite direct so they don’t usually play games when it comes to dating. If a Vietnamese woman wants you to meet her parents, it’s also a sign she is attracted to you.

How much do Vietnamese mail order brides cost?

You’ll need to pay for access to a Vietnam dating site, for tickets, for hotel, and for marriage itself. Dating sites cost about $30-$50 per month, the tickets cost about $800-$1,000 (round-trip), staying in Vietnam will cost you about $100-$200 per day, and the wedding parties cost about $4,000-$6,000 in this country.